Why does my child have bad breath?

Why does my child have bad breath?

Key points:

  • People can suffer from bad breath at any age
  • In most cases, bad breath in children is due to improper cleaning at home or sinus conditions
  • Diagnosing the cause of bad breath in a child can be done by a dentist, doctor or fresh breath consultant

Why do children get bad breath?

Over half of the population suffer from some form of bad breath at some stage in their lives and sadly children of all ages are among this statistic. Noticing a bad odour from your child’s breath on occasion is not something to be overly worried…

What’s involved in a Breath Test Consultation?

What’s involved in a Breath Test Consultation?

Bad Breath Facts!

FACT: 90% of bad breath comes from the coating on your tongue.

FACT: Bad breath is a symptom of an underlying condition. Fix the condition and the bad breath goes away!

FACT: 50% of the population suffer from bad breath at some point in their lives.

FACT: Those suffering from chronic bad breath are embarrassed, ashamed, lacking in confidence and frustrated because they cannot find a cure.

FACT: The choices you make in your lifestyle will have an impact on your breath.

FACT: The OralChroma machine is the most efficient scientific way to identify where the volatile sulphur compounds are…

3 Steps to a Bad Breath Cure

3 Steps to a Bad Breath Cure

The 3 Steps

1. Book an appointment for a Breath Analysis Consultation

A breath analysis consultation is scheduled with one of our experienced fresh breath consultants trained in diagnosing the cause and solutions for a bad breath cure. This appointment usually runs for about 30 minutes to allow plenty of time to gather breath samples and educate patients on the best solution to achieve their bad breath cure.

The cost of this service is $150 with a portion claimable through private health insurance.

At your appointment you can expect to:

  • Have your breath scientifically tested using the OralChroma machine. One of a small…
What is Gum Disease?

What is Gum Disease?

Gum Disease Causes Bad Breath

What is gum disease?

Along with tooth decay, gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in the world. The trouble is, this silent and slow-developing chronic disease often goes unnoticed and undiagnosed until it causes irreversible, sometimes painful damage to the bone and overall health of the mouth. Gum disease contributes not only to the slow decline of the function in the person's chewing ability - but it can also cause potent bad breath, the type that can clear a room, infection and pain, bleeding gums and impact severely on one's self-esteem and confidence in social…