What’s involved in a Breath Test Consultation?

Bad Breath Facts!

FACT: 90% of bad breath comes from the coating on your tongue.

FACT: Bad breath is a symptom of an underlying condition. Fix the condition and the bad breath goes away!

FACT: 50% of the population suffer from bad breath at some point in their lives.

FACT: Those suffering from chronic bad breath are embarrassed, ashamed, lacking in confidence and frustrated because they cannot find a cure.

FACT: The choices you make in your lifestyle will have an impact on your breath.

FACT: The OralChroma machine is the most efficient scientific way to identify where the volatile sulphur compounds are coming from in order to seek a cure.

I have tried everything but I still have signs of bad breath! Is there really a cure?

Yes, there is! We just need to find what is causing your breath to smell bad in order to treat it. With the help of the OralChroma machine and your Breath Analysis Consultant, we can usually find the cause in one consultation appointment and if you follow our recommendations you will be on the path to a fresh and confident you!

What is a Breath Analysis Consultation?

The cost of a 30-minute consultation is $150. This includes full analysis of your breath and saliva and a consultation with our Breath Analysis Consultant. At the end of the appointment, you will have had a scientific evaluation of your breath and professional advice on how best to treat your bad breath.

Will it be expensive to keep the signs of bad breath away?

Should the signs of bad breath be from an orally related condition, as is the case for 90% of our patients, it will just be the cost of purchasing products to maintain a healthy mouth. Depending on the severity of your condition, products could range from $4 to $80 per month. It may also be recommended that you schedule an appointment with your dentist and hygienist for an examination and clean which usually costs around $250.

For those who may have a more severe medical condition that is causing the mouth odour, consultation with your GP or a specialist may be required.

Is the Breath Analysis Consultation claimable through my private health insurer?

Absolutely! Most private health insurance companies will pay a rebate of between $40 – $80 depending on your cover. If you are concerned about the cost and would like to find out your rebates prior to your visit our team are more than happy to provide you with the item codes that will be used on the day.

What if I do not get results after following the recommended program and the signs of bad breath return?

Our Breath Analysis Consultants are with you every step of the way and offer follow-up consultations at no extra charge! You can return as often as you like for a follow-up breath analysis and discussion with your breath analysis. Our goal is to eliminate the signs of bad breath from all our patients who are suffering and we endeavour to spend all the time you need in finding the cause and working on a cure. Sometimes, it is a matter of trial and error until we find the right program that works for each individual.

In saying that, it is important for those who seek to eliminate their bad breath for good do in fact commit to the entire program as recommended and seek further consult with specialists when advised. Results will only be achieved by those who are committed to working hard at preventing the return of the condition that caused the bad breath in the first place.

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