Our Fresh Breath Consultants

The Sunshine Coast Fresh Breath Clinic was the first dedicated bad breath clinic in Queensland. We are conveniently located at Warana, on Nicklin Way in partnership with Avenue Dental Kawana with easy off-street parking and a children's playroom for busy parents.

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Our team of dentists and oral health hygienists are extremely understanding of patients' concerns and anxieties when it comes to facing their dental phobias. The Sunshine Coast Fresh Breath Clinic team are delighted to extend our dental services to offer specialised breath analysis to those suffering from bad breath. We invite those who are frustrated wasting money on products that offer little to no resolve to book a consultation and breath test at our clinic and where we can diagnose and offer solutions during your non-judgemental and private consultation.

The Sunshine Coast Fresh Breath Clinic is a modern and specialised clinic dedicated to the diagnosis of halitosis (using the OralChroma machine) and treatment using a combination of lifestyle recommendations and proven products for fighting bad breath. The highly trained team are happy to accept all patients who want to rid themselves of halitosis or are curious to see if they have an odour that others may detect.

As dental professionals, we understand the anxiety and emotional toll losing your confidence with your smile and appearance can have. Let us support you on your path to a healthy and fresh mouth. 

Breath testing and consultation with one of our qualified oral health professionals are $150 (30-minute appointment)

Health insurance rebates are available for members


or Call 5493 6060