A scientific approached to curing bad breath

At the Sunshine Coast Fresh Breath Clinic, we have a specifically designed machine (a gas chromatograph) developed to analyse oral gases, called the OralChroma. There are only a few of these types of machines in Australia where you can have your breath scientifically tested and analysed by a dental professional.

How we diagnose the cause of bad breath

Our recommendations on how to cure bad breath will be based mainly on the outcome of an analysis of a sample of your breath by this machine. It breaks the sample down into the three main gasses that are responsible for bad breath and specific smells – Hydrogen Sulphide (rotten eggs), Methyl Mercaptan (faeces) and Dimethyl Sulphide (cabbage or gasoline). This test takes only 10 minutes to complete! Other tests may include a scientific analysis of your saliva and review of your lifestyle to identify triggers that could be worsening your situation.  The benefit of visiting The Sunshine Coast Fresh Breath Clinic to find a solution to your bad breath is that you will be seen by a dental professional with years of experience at diagnosing and managing patients with embarrassing and debilitating conditions such as this. Our team are armed with the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and find the right solution to help rid you of any unpleasant taste and smell.

Solution for bad breath

Once a definitive diagnosis has been established, a clear protocol will be recommended on how to cure bad breath problems. You may be pleasantly surprised and not have a problem at all! You may be one of the 90% of cases that has an oral cause in which case we can treat you effectively and quickly. In a small number of cases, the result can indicate a potentially serious medical problem and referral to your GP or an Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon may be warranted. The OralChroma gives a definitive scientific result so no matter what the result, you can be confident of your current fresh breath or be quickly on the path to having a confident breath in the near future.

What are some common solutions to bad breath?

  • Drink more water
  • Use a tongue scraper daily
  • Improve your oral home care routine
  • Visit the dentist for gum treatment 
  • Daily sinus irrigation 
  • Review diet and remove certain foods/drinks
  • Referral to your GP or ENT 
  • Chew gum after meals
  • Reduce alcohol and caffeine 
  • Quit smoking